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A different type of adventure course without specific equipment for kids and teenagers, consisting of fun obstacles on the ground and in the trees fully secured by nets.

CLOSED FROM SEPTEMBER 13TH. The Acro'Ninja course offers an obstacle race requiring agility, strength and plenty of energy to carry out the challenge by timing yourself. Take on new challenges : quad steps, small warped wall, slide, hanging rope ladder, tightrope crossing, trapeze zip line, hanging nets, tunnels and more !

No harness or other equipment required (except for a helmet for small children), part of the course takes place on the ground and the other part up in the trees (with nets to ensure your safety). You are free to play around for 1 to 2 hour(s), the challenge being to avoid putting a foot on the ground or in the nets.

1 to 2H
min age
7 years
15€ / participant

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Talloires Acro Aventures Acro Ninja Parcours Sol

Acro Aventures Foret Des Sens
Forest of senses
2€ / participant

Picto Masque

Face mask required from 10 years old

Acro Aventures Shoes
Sports clothes are recommended and closed shoes are compulsary (no Crocs, sandals or flip flops)

Acro Aventures Card
You can pay by cash or card (no American Express)

Acro Aventures Acc
Adult supervision is compulsary for users younger than 18 years old : you can follow them from the forest footpath

Open every day from 23rd October to 6th November. Pre-booking is necessary and face masks must be worn as of age 10. A health pass is not required Thanks!
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