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A "Survivor" based group activity for a thrilling moment with your team. Meet up the challenges of this activity fully adapted to team buildings and Incentives as well as Hen and Stag Parties !

Create your team, give it a name and possibly even a song and dance, then elect your Chef… enjoy 2h30 of fun and amusing activities! Teams will face each other over 5 sports or smart games under the supporting supervision of an instructor.

Each participant will take part in the games using what they are best at : strength, agility, reflection, or even imagination. Find the best strategy and make the most of your team’s sprit to be the fiercest opponent.


10 people min.
size | age min. (1)
1.40m | 16 years old

(1) Youngsters less than 16 years old and people less than 1.40m tall can take part on some activities : please contact us

3 challenges
Short Version
(Duration : 1H30)

> Please contact us

40€ / participant
Word Orienteering
+ Bike and Rope relay
+ Hanging Time’s Up
+ Riddles and Brain Teasers
+ Obstacle Course

50€ / participant
Cocktail’Party option
13€ /person

# Word Orienteering : With the help of a map, team members go off on a timed orienteering course in the forest where they have to find beacons and memorize words, while all hitched together. They have to remember as many words as possible and come back within the allotted time
# Bike and Rope Relay : A timed race in two parts. The first member of the team is connected with a carabineer to a rope which is tangled around trees that he / she has to follow as fast as possible in order to pass the relay to the next member of the team who is on a bike and has to follow a short run in order to pas the relay to the next "rope team member"
# Hanging Time’s Up : Each team must guess as many words as possible thanks to their team mate who has to mime the word while hanging from a wire rope thanks to a harness and a karabiner
# Riddles and Brain Teasers : Each team has to solve as many riddles and brain teasers as possible within the allotted time
# Obstacle Course : An obstacle relay race, partly on the ground and partly in the trees secured by nets. Players will have to jump, keep their balance, slide and do their best to beat the other team

acro aventures shoes
COCKTAIL'PARTY : Selection of local cheeses and cold cuts, bread, crisps, cherry tomatoes and non alcoholic beverages (a choice of local still or sparkling juices, and sodas) + SOUVENIR GIFT

acro aventures shoes
Sports clothes and closed shoes are recommended.

acro aventures card
You can pay by cash or card (no American Express)

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Adult supervision is compulsary for users younger than 15 years old : you can follow them from the forest footpath

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